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Ten research groups at the IMMIH focus on mainly three research areas:

  • infection and cancer immunology
  • antimicrobial resistance and diagnostics
  • translational research on infectious diseases


The groups are supported by


Research Group

Research area

AG Hamprecht

Resistance mechanisms in multi-resistant Gram-negative bacteria (carbapenemases, ESBL) and in fungi

AG Higgins

Multi-drug resistance mechanisms of Gram negative bacteria, Molecular epidemiology of ESKAPE organisms, N. gonorrhoeae

AG Kashkar

Cell death and immunity

AG Klimka

Staphyloccocus aureus vaccine

AG Krönke

NOX enzymes in host defense

AG Plum

Mycobacterial genes required for intracellular survival in macrophages

AG Schramm

Immune regulation by reactive oxygen species

AG Seifert

Acinetobacter baumannii and Staphylococcus aureus

AG Utermöhlen

Infection immunology